Tethering law unfair, unnecessary

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OK, we own three large dogs. They indeed are “tethered” in our yard. One is near our fence, one near the front door, which reaches to the door to prevent intruders; the other in the back next to the back door, which also reaches the door. They are all very friendly dogs but will bite, and not just bark, when needed.

Their collars are not too tight and they are very well fed, have water and houses, their cables are 20 feet long, and they are on private property. We paid cash for them at the animal shelter, as well as all shots. They were picked up by animal control for being loose. All too often I see dogs, among other animals, dead on the streets, or lost signs for dogs. Very few of these dogs were tethered (my guess).

I notice all this “tethering is abuse” talk originally came from an outsider (out of towner). What did you expect? San Francisco scenery? Apologies go out to those who are unfamiliar with Las Vegas, N.M. — a place once known for too many loose dogs. Animal Control used to tell us, “Tie up your dog or we’ll pick it up.” Now we’re being told to “untie your dog or else.” It’s wrong! I have not heard or seen any cases in the Optic or from people locally about a dog with an embedded collar, or starving dogs. I see those stories on Animal Cops and Animal Planet. Not in Vegas NM.

We are a small city, not a big city (obviously), so quit trying to bring that stuff here. Our mayor had nothing wrong to say about tied-up dogs, until some out-of-towner ... brought it up to him. ...

OK I will gladly let my dogs loose — as soon as you anti-tethering folks build me a nice six-foot tall fence. Oh, but what about them fighting each other, possibly one dying? No problem, as I believe you’ll pay their vet bills, right?

If they dig out, will you take them out of the pound? Obedience school? Sure, since you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I’m sure you see where this is going. It’ll only get worse. Many Las Vegans are low income, who can’t afford large fences or large homes to allow our dogs inside. It does not indicate a bad owner by keeping them outside. They originate from wolves (cold weather) and working dogs. Many owners provide hay and blankets. If a petition were to be signed (by locals only), my bet is the overwhelming response will be: mind your own business, we own them, not you.

Andrea Salazar
Las Vegas