Tethering can be more humane

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When the wealthier are robbed they submit their claim to their insurance and get all the money back for their items that were stolen. When the poor are robbed they suffer greatly, not being able to replace anything.

Guard dogs protect people and property, and are often of a specific breed such as pit bulls, rottweilers, dobermans etc., which can be prone to be naturally more territorial and aggressive to would-be intruders, robbers and home invaders. I would not want these dogs escaping from fences or gates being left open, and exposing the general public and other dogs to possible danger.

Some wealthier people lock their dogs in small cages while they are at work so that their dogs don’t tear up their fancy expensive furniture and other valuable household items. I think these dogs suffer far worse than properly tethered dogs. The question of cruelty is a valid one, for both guard dogs and pets, I think it ought to be outlawed to house dogs hidden from view in small crate cages where they can’t walk around, holding in their urine and feces, confined many hours a day, and often suffer from extreme separation anxiety.

According to dog attack expert Karen Delise, 75 percent of all dog attacks are from untethered dogs. For more information on Karin Delise's credentials, Google her name, and for more info on proper safe tethering, see www.workingpitbull.com/tethering.

Susan Stone Salas
Las Vegas