Teens arrested in Mora burglary

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By The Staff

A state police officer stopped at a house where three teens were committing burglary, a police report says.

The youths left, but were caught shortly after, officials said.

The three teens, with addresses on Spurry Drive, Alamo Street and Don Gallegos in Las Vegas, were charged with burglary, larceny and minors being in possession of alcohol.

One of them also faces charges of theft of a credit cars and aggravated battery.

According to the report, state police Capt. Toby Dolan stopped at a house around 10 p.m. Oct. 23 on N.M. Highway 94 about six miles south of Mora because a car in the driveway attracted his suspicion. He knew the house had been unoccupied because of the owner’s death.

He couldn’t find anyone around, but he saw several small bottles of alcohol, a radar detector and a small stereo in the car, the report states.

Dolan briefly left the area, and when he returned, the car was gone. He spotted latex gloves near where the vehicle had been; such gloves were consistent with what people use in committing burglaries, the report says.

Dolan gave state police dispatchers a description of the car and the license plate number. Shortly after, Las Vegas police officers stopped a car matching the description in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Officers saw a number of items in the car, including liquor bottles, knives, a credit card, a stereo and a pottery bowl full of change, according to the report.

The three teens in the car admitted that they had gone to Ray’s Liquor Store on Hot Springs Boulevard and stolen bottles of alcohol, state police said.

The teens later went by the house in question and figured that no one was home, police said. They decided to commit the burglary, the report says.

While conducting the burglary, they saw the light from Dolan’s car and then left, state police said.