Teacher investigation continues

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By David Giuliani

The Las Vegas police have turned over preliminary reports to the district attorney’s office on the Robertson High School teacher who allegedly sexually abused a student for years.

But the DA’s office has yet to get the final results of the investigation.

Police Chief Gary Gold was under the impression earlier this week that his department had turned in the full packet to the DA’s office. But he said his agency had actually turned in only the preliminary reports.

“We have a lot of leads to follow up on,” the chief said.

District Attorney Richard Flores acknowledged that he has received preliminary information on the case.

“The fact is that we have met with law enforcement officials and out of that meeting, a specific list to follow up matters was requested of the Police Department,” Flores stated in an e-mail. “To date, there are still some key matters that we are awaiting that will assist us in our decision as to whether to prosecute or not and what charges would be filed.”

He said his office is awaiting further evidence.

In January, a former Robertson High School student, represented by Santa Fe attorney Merit Bennett, came forward to allege that Quintana sexually abused her for five years.

After the allegations surfaced, Quintana was placed on paid leave pending the investigation.

Bennett filed a tort claims notice with the district on Jan. 20 in the Quintana case, which puts the district on notice that his client may sue.

Named as possible defendants in Quintana’s case are Quintana himself, Superintendent Rick Romero, the City Schools, Athletic Director Mike Yara, Robertson Principal Richard Lopez and Quintana’s wife, LeeEtte Quintana, the associate superintendent.

According to the notice, Quintana sexually abused a student from 2002 to 2007, throughout her school years and thereafter on school property. The abuse started when she was around 14, the notice states.

Quintana is alleged to have had sexual intercourse while the girl was a minor. She is now 20.

The notice claims that the other possible defendants failed to adequately supervise Quintana and negligently hired, trained and supervised him.

According to the  notice, the girl suffered severe and extreme emotional distress and psychological harm.