Targeting waste

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By The Staff

Recently, Mayor Tony Marquez challenged the city administration to reduce the number of take-home cars and cell phones by 10 to 20 percent. That’s an acceptable goal.

It appears as if the city, like many organizations, doesn’t have any standard by which employees get phones or take-home cars. Some employees obviously should get them, including police officers and some on-call utility crew members. But we don’t understand why others get such things. For instance, the municipal judge has a take-home car, seemingly unnecessary for an employee whose job doesn’t require much travel.

To be sure, all local government entities should review which employees have cell phones and take-home cars. As for their vehicles, they should be fuel efficient. Too often, the favored ones get big SUVs. We never could afford such extravagance before, let alone in these days of sky-high gasoline prices.

Marquez’s directive is sure to anger some, but that’s part of being mayor. City government should be spending taxpayer dollars as wisely as possible.