Tale of two cities must end

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I do not disagree with (Joe McCaffrey’s column), and I hope he does not get lumped in with the rest of us “extreme radicals” for voicing his concerns and suggestions toward the different issues impacting our fair city.

The emphasis on the “fracking” issue is well warranted, but in no way addresses the many concerns the disenfranchised in our community are facing daily.

The confict-of-interest contracts being let by our city to relatives and employers of staff and/or elected officials is another serious concern. The deaths of two city employees did not lead to the firing of our city manager. Indeed, he was proposed for a $30,000 raise by the mayor.

Now, we have been accidentally allowed to peek in to the lack of reserves necessary for city pensions, etc... Someone “pulled some figures” to convince Moody’s rating service that, no we are indeed solvent. Have you tried to call in and “pull some figures” to upgrade your personal credit rating?

Now, we are facing more and higher increases to our water rates. Soon, the garbage rate will go higher. We will soon find that the trash burial contract has been awarded to someone in Sen. (Pete) Campos’ and City Manager (Timothy) Dodge’s backyard near Santa Rosa. The fact that the new garbage burial plot is three times farther away from Las Vegas must have been overlooked.

Recently, the disenfranchised of Las Vegas — those who live outside the “Victorian Triangle” (Grand Avenue to the Gallinas River and a bit of the Plaza) got one block of resurfacing, while streets in the “Victorian Triangle” got a full treatment.

 The ongoing recall effort has not been resolved. Indeed, the City Clerk’s efforts to further disenfranchise the disenfranchised has never been resolved per any governing city charter or ordinance, etc.

Our civil rights have been trampled and citizens have been approached by our city mayor to withdraw their vote (petition signature). Reprisal has been the rule of the day. Mayor and city manager have approached signers of the petition for recall to withdraw their own names, with the added demand that they may remove their respective partners or spouses from the petition, as well. Business owners have lost existing contracts when the mayor found said business owner had signed the recall petition.

You see, “fracking” is not the only issue for which the mayor should be recalled. Indeed, the mayor should step down, and he should take his retinue with him. The retinue includes Dodge, the city manager, along with key department heads who continue the malfeasance partially enumerated herein.

The mayor has retired numerous times. Perhaps, he should do the honorable thing and retire one last time — after all he attained the office of mayor while he served in yet another elected office, that of San Miguel County treasurer. I believe he was then in violation of the Las Vegas City Charter, and that is yet another reason why the mayor should step down.

You see, the mayor should step down — be removed for cause. We can’t go on pretending his relatives are no longer managers of businesses his honor votes on to provide services to the city.

Maybe there are some readers who can afford ever increasing water/garbage/utilities rates. Many can’t.

Maybe you live in the “Victorian Triangle,” and you love city services so that you are willing to turn a blind eye to mayoral, staff, and a couple of councilmen’s malfeasances, but the rest of us can’t. So, this “tale of two cities” must end.

You can’t draw blood out of a turnip, but this mayor is hell-bent on doing it to the least of us.

J. Emilio Aragon
Las Vegas