Suspect accused in kicking spree with cops

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By David Giuliani

A Las Vegas man stopped for drunken driving drew many more charges after going on a kicking spree and fighting with an officer, state police said.

Theodore B. Trujillo, 22, 2710 Seventh St., Space 35, was charged with assault by a prisoner, aggravated battery upon a police officer, resisting officers, two counts of criminal damage and driving while intoxicated.

Shortly before 11 p.m. March 19, a state police officer stopped Trujillo, who was driving on N.M. State Highway 65 (Hot Springs Boulevard), because one of his car’s license plate lights wasn’t working.

The officer detected the smell of alcohol and asked Trujillo how much he had drunk that night. Trujillo responded that he had had two drinks, according to a criminal complaint.

When the officer conducted a number of sobriety tests such as the nine-step walk and the one-leg stand, the suspect failed them all, the complaint states.

After Trujillo was handcuffed and arrested, he kicked out the passenger side back window to the officer’s squad car, state police said.

When he arrived at the state police station for booking, the suspect at first refused to leave the car. After he finally did, he kicked the passenger side front door, according to the complaint. On his way into the station, he continued kicking things, including the window to the back door of the station, state police said.

In the station, he attempted to use a lighter to burn posters, officials said. Seeing this, another officer tried to get the lighter from Trujillo. The suspect allegedly kicked the officer in the arm. Once inside a holding cell, Trujillo allegedly kicked a corrections officer.

He was taken to jail in lieu of a $20,000 cash-only bond. A magistrate judge allowed authorities to keep Trujillo in jail until he calmed down enough so that officers could get his fingerprints.