Summer program concludes

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By Don Pace

The 21st Century Summer Program has ended with a flourish of fun, games and a picnic for the 180 kids who participated in the month-long, activities packed program.

“The kids had a blast, today was the last day of our summer program, and this was a way to end it with a lot of fun,” assistant coordinator Theresa Chavez said.

Program Director Michell Aragon she wanted to treat the children to a nice time on the final day.

“They worked hard academically, they were well behaved, and it was a great summer. Today all the teachers, and high school and college assistants joined in the fun. They took turns in the dunk-tank, and helped out with all the games,” Aragon said.

Los Niños Elementary fifth-grader Amos Rivera said he joined the program because if he stayed home he would have been bored.

Taylor Hays, a third-grader at Sierra Vista, said she enjoyed playing in the swimming pool at the city recreation center. She said she enjoyed learning new things, and improved her memory by playing games in the classroom. “I am going to join the program again next year,” Hays said.

Her friend Cailyn Marrujo said, “We played and we went swimming on Wednesday and sometimes Tuesday. In our class, we were learning how to sew and make blankets. Also, we learned how to use measuring cups and play chess.”

Renee Dimas was excited to talk about her summer classes.

“We did a whole bunch of art. We also painted pictures and a lot of other stuff.”

Student assistant Kristina Lucero, who helped out at Legion Park Elementary, has been working with the 21st Century Program all year.

“For academics, we did the Fast Forward program and a lot of math. For physical education, the children played basketball, kick ball, dodge ball, and a lot of different sports. In arts and crafts, they were involved in making a lot of different little things like key chains and paper mache balloons,” Lucero said.