Suggestions for emergencies

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I recently had a medical emergency at my house and I’ll have to admit that, despite living in the country, the response time was fair.

I know we have good EMTs on board right now, but Mora County is pretty spread out, and there is always room for improvement.

I know I’m not in office anymore, but what happens in Mora County has a big effect on me and all the citizens. I have a few suggestions that could very well help to save lives.

I suggest that the fire departments recruit volunteers who would be willing to train as emergency responders, and put an emergency response team in place. I know that one particular fireman from the CHET Fire Department has been working to put something in place, but he needs the cooperation of county government and the Sheriff’s Department.

Another suggestion would be to place one ambulance in Mora, one ambulance at the fire station in Holman to serve Holman and Chacon (also very spread out), one ambulance in Watrous to serve the people on that end of town, or even in Guadalupita.

We have fire stations in every little town, why not have firemen trained as emergency responders to at least stabilize patients until the ambulance arrives?

I have checked the budget in the fire departments. They all have money available. When politicians ask, “What does Mora County need?” I would answer certainly not fancy buildings, what Mora County needs (as stretched out as it is) are good medical response teams in place.

“Saving lives should always be a priority.”

When you see my name on letters to the editor, please don’t say, “She does not know what she is talking about.” You all know I speak only the truth, and that I have the welfare of all the citizens of Mora County at heart.

I was on call 24/7 for 12 years. I know it takes patience, commitment, and dedication to be a crisis counselor. I also had to take training and tests; if I could do it, anybody can.

If we all work together, someday the firemen positions can become paid. I also know at least one individual who brought his education and experience with him from Albuquerque, some years ago, and has worked hard to improve service for the people.

When this individual came on board there was no CHET Fire Department, or one in Holman, so much was needed. I lost three family members in a fire because there were no fire departments in place when I was growing up.

The Mora Fire Department had also been vacant and did not get going until this individual moved to make it active. He also helped with Homeland Security and to put a local community emergency plan together, which was required. As a prior county commissioner I know the county has a lot of needs, but our priority should be public safety.

“The life you save may be your own.”

County government, the sheriff, the fire department, and especially the Mora Valley Clinic board need to back up, and assist in whatever way possible, emergency response personnel to provide the best quality service ever.

Take my letter seriously; I really care.

Rosalie Regensberg