Students get lesson on Thanksgiving

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By Don Pace

“The Animals Thanksgiving" narrator Vincent Pacheco told his packed classroom at Sierra Vista Elementary that Thanksgiving Day is a happy holiday, filled with good eating and family fun. 

Teacher Theresa Chavez told the audience, “The reason we do this every year is because the kids need to stop and think about the natural blessings that they’re given every day. They sang about the sun that shines, the wind, the singing birds, and they talked about the things they really need in their lives — like water for drinking, air for breathing, the love of their families, all the things that money can’t buy.”

Chavez said students in her bilingual class made bilingual books containing all the things they are thankful for, their school, teachers, parents, animals and their freedom.

Cast of Characters: “The Animal’s


Introduction: Kayla Mountjoy, Justin Padilla, Kayla Yara

Narrator: Vincent Pacheco

Bears: Dominic Marquez, Isaiah Stone

Deer: Tessa Chavez, Justin Padilla

Turtles: Reina Martinez, Amber Salazar

Rabbits: Kayla Mountjoy, Kendra Sena, Kayla Yara

Beavers: Shane Arguello, Christopher Chevett

Wise owl: Derek Tafoya

Raccoons: Andera Gallegos, Jaden Padilla

Foxes: Dominique Evans, Jacob Gonzales, Kenneth Sena

Wild turkeys: Margarito Gallegos, Abran Lujan

“The First Thanksgiving” read by Tessa Chavez and Reina Martinez.

“Indian Story” read by Margarito Gallegos and Abran Lujan.