A strict county ordinance needed

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In a recent letter to the Optic a writer defined “groupthink” as “conformity to group values and ethics.” A broad spectrum of values and ethics could be found in many different “groups.” I am proud to be working with a group of concerned citizens from Mora and San Miguel counties whose common interest is the protection and preservation of our water, air and quality of life. In examining, studying and discussing many sources of information about fracking, including numerous studies, it seems obvious that forcing water mixed with toxic chemicals thousands of feet into our earth to extract natural gas raises serious concerns about long-term impacts for our environment.

Living in the desert with a dwindling water supply that we knowingly and intentionally pollute with carcinogens is immoral and unethical. Our community can enact a strict county ordinance to regulate fracking in San Miguel.

To become informed and involved, contact, www.protectsmc.org.

Antoinette Fox
Las Vegas