Storrie Project offers its thanks

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“A los que nos ayudaron y a los que nos toleradon,” Muchisimas Gracias! – To those who assisted us and to those who tolerated us, during the repairs of the Storrie Project Water Users Association delivery canal, we are most appreciative.
The priorities for the day of Friday, Sept. 13 were altered for most of the citizens in Las Vegas and San Miguel County, as we absorbed what most are calling a 100-year flood in our area and a 1000-year flood in other areas in the vicinity.  

Addressing the 150 foot long by 20 foot deep hole, was critical and prompted a response from all. On behalf of the 50 members of the association, board President Robert Quintana, Vice President Rob Larrañaga, and the board of directors for the association, we would like to express our sincere thanks to contractor Oren Matthews  of Rocky Road Construction and his staff, who worked under this stressful situation, the New Mexico Department of Transportation, the city of Las Vegas and San Miguel County for requesting the 220 concrete Jersey barriers for the repair and for the use of the county fill material, the Pecos Las Vegas Ranger District of the Santa Fe National Forest, the Albuquerque Office of Bureau of Reclamation for the use of their long reach excavator. At Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge, Michael Quintana and Jake Jimenez who helped oversee the repair,  the Los Vigiles residents, Vidal Quintana  for allowing a temporary road through his yard, Marie Romero,  who allowed us to park in her yard, the residents of Los Vigiles who tolerated our early morning and past 1 a.m. work schedule and last, but not least, the woman who delivered two cases of drinking water. Any more individuals who assisted behind the scenes and to you, much thanks as well. Full flow of the Gallinas River at the Storrie Project Water Users Association diversion is now flowing into Storrie Lake. This is what coming together to address the crisis is all about.  Muchisimas gracias.

Storrie Project Water Users Association