State should embrace solar, wind energy

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As a newcomer to the state of New Mexico, I cannot remember a single day when I walked outside and was not greeted by the warmth of the sun.

It surprises me that this state does not do more to take advantage of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, and instead gets most of its energy from nonrenewable sources that are harming our environment and our health.
I’m not the only one who agrees: the Renewable Taos group is in the process of increasing the amount of renewable energy, “the environmentally and economically sound option” (“Town, county sign energy resolution” The Taos News, Oct. 26), that Taos county uses.

I enjoy living in this state, but I do admit that it has its flaws, just like every other state. Hopefully, in my time here, I will be able witness the day that our state becomes more dependent on the solar potential we receive every day than on the harmful nonrenewable sources.

Brianda Patino