State police make DWI arrests

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By Martin Salazar

State police arrested two repeat DWI offenders Friday and another on Feb. 11, court documents state. All three suspects have Las Vegas addresses.

David Maes, 50, 2701 Seventh St., was arrested for driving under the influence, his fifth offense. He also was charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license, resisting, evading or obstructing a peace officer, improper display of registration and not having insurance.

According to a court document filed by patrolman Jerry Delgado, Maes was pulled over on Legion Drive because the Ford truck he was driving did not have a license plate attached to the rear bumper. He got out of the truck, admitted that his license was revoked and asked the patrolman for a break, the court document states.

When the patrolman notified him that he was going to jail, Maes tried to flee.

The patrolman fired his Taser at Maes, but Maes still managed to scale a fence and two cinderblock walls. He was found hiding in a storage yard belonging to the city housing authority.

State police Lt. Craig Martin and officer Phil Leger located Maes and arrested him.
Patrolman Delgado subsequently smelled alcohol on Maes and asked him to undergo field sobriety tests, and Maes refused. Delgado obtained a search warrant to test Maes’ blood. After a blood sample was taken, Maes was taken to the San Miguel County jail, where he was held in lieu of a $7,000 cash bond.

Also on Friday, state police arrested Jerry Coca, 66, HC 80, Box 365, on a DWI charge, his fourth, a court document states.

Patrolman Marvin Lujan was on Mills Avenue near Gonzales at about 2 a.m. Friday when he spotted Coca’s vehicle cross the yellow line and almost strike the curb, the court document states. Lujan observed that Coca had slurred speech after pulling him over. After administering field sobriety tests to Coca, Lujan determined that Coca was driving under the influence.

He blew a 0.16 on a breath test, twice the state’s presumed level of intoxication for drivers, the court document states. He was transported to the county jail.

And on Feb. 11, Christy R. Garduño, 54, 515 Valley St., was arrested on a DWI charge, his third.

Patrolman Delgado pulled Garduño over after his Chevy truck nearly struck a parked vehicle on the 500 block of Railroad Avenue behind Parisian Dry Cleaners, a court document states.

After failing field sobriety tests, Garduño blew a 0.24 and a 0.22, about three times the state’s presumed level of intoxication. He, too, was transported to the county jail.

The DWI charges filed against Maes and Coca are both fourth-degree felonies, while Garduño’s DWI charge is a misdemeanor, according to court records.