State police captain retiring

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By David Giuliani

The captain in charge of the state police stations in Las Vegas and Raton is retiring.

Capt. Toby Dolan, who joined the state police in 1989, will officially retire on Dec. 31, but he has been taking vacation and sick leave since the beginning of the month.

“It’s time for me to do something different and let someone else have the reins,” he said.

Dolan said he had been “hit and miss” the last year and a half while he has suffered from a shoulder problem and he has cared for his father, Mike Dolan, who died in October.

He said his father’s death “changed a lot of things in my life.”

Dolan took over state police District 2 in February 2006, succeeding Tom Meserve. Dolan said he supervised 50 employees — 22 officers in Las Vegas, 14 officers in Raton and 14 civilians. He said the number of employees was often more than 50.

Dolan, an Arizona native, speculated that the state wouldn’t name his successor until after the new year because of a change in governors.

Lt. Craig Martin, who works in the Las Vegas state police station, said he is filling in as the person in charge until a new captain is appointed.

Dolan said he has worked all but 22 months of his career in District 2.

“It’s been a good career. You will see in our statistics that alcohol-related fatalities have dropped substantially over the last four years.

We have solved a lot of burglaries and done some really good things in the northeastern part of the state,” Dolan said. “That definitely is because of the hard work of the patrolmen and sergeants. They are to be credited for that.”