State may add days to school year

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By Don Pace

During its 30-day session, the state Legislature will be looking at adding a few days to the school year partly because in-service days for teachers take away from actual days students spend in the classroom.

Las Vegas City Schools board member Patrick Romero asked Superintendent Pete Campos, who is also a state senator, if lawmakers are considering adding more days.

“I have heard that one of the items on the agenda will be extending the school year to 183 days. I guess the reason for that is enough parents complained that there were too many in-service days and that they didn’t have enough time to prepare and do well on tests,” Romero said.

Campos said the point was well taken and noted that Romero has insisted over the years that students be kept in school as much as possible. He said he would support extending the school year if there is compensation as part of the package.

“I wholeheartedly support that, I also wholeheartedly support year-round education. I would like to see the day when we provide a year-round educational system,” Campos said. “I know there are still issues on the table when we start talking about coordinating vacations and time off in the summer for other activities. But year-round education doesn’t necessarily mean we have 12 months of academics; it means we provide a pattern of learning for our children. So you may have nine months of academics and then three months of some ongoing, positive instructional and extracurricular activities.”