'Star struck' no more

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By Annette P. Clancy

When I grew up (long, long ago), Hollywood was glamorous and exciting, at least to a child. Needless to say, I have always been “Star Struck.”

As I grew older my views regarding the film industry evolved and matured. However, I have still been fascinated with the mega movie, special effects and the red carpet at the Academy Awards.

When the movies came to Las Vegas my support was strong. “Red Dawn” in 1984 remains one of my favorite movies. I heard the guns and helicopters at 2 a.m., but it really didn’t bother me.

Let’s fast forward to a few weeks ago and the making of “Run For Her Life.” I heard citizen complaints about noise, disruption and a bit of arrogance. However, I remained excited about the whole adventure. The crew entered my neighborhood and I listened and watched.

Most crew members were courteous; some were a bit too loud. They picked up after themselves. There were so many large trucks and people and hollering, it became unnerving. The final day (July 17) was nerve racking. Our next door neighbor’s home was to be blown up. As it turned out, just the windows. The crews had been working on this special effect for weeks to prevent too much damage or injury. The 30-foot flame and large BOOM was not something I expected. Our neighbors house had smoke damage and the whole area looked very unsightly.

I do not believe such events should take place in neighborhoods. Build a set outside of town if you want to use such extremes.

I have many questions for our new administration. They were elected to protect us. Is all this really worth it? The noise, traffic, blocked streets — the extreme special effects — all left me cold.

OK! OK! You are right. I am no longer “Star Struck”

Annette P. Clancy

Las Vegas