Standing up for a good principal

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Regarding the alleged bullying incidents occurring at West Las Vegas Middle School, I have had many encounters with Mr. Steve Sandoval over the years as a friend, as a parent of a West Las Vegas Middle School student, and as a member of our educational community. Mr. Sandoval has always treated me, and those that I have observed him with, with kindness and fairness.

Is he strict? Yes, a trait I appreciate as opposed to an easy-going, whatever-the-child-wants attitude. Does he have the best interests of all the students at heart? He does not play favorites as my daughter found out with her first and only in-school detention. Does he have to make tough decisions? Absolutely, as only someone who has led an organization of any type can attest to.

The picture being painted by these parents seems to indicate that their children may have some issues with the facts that Mr. Sandoval has had to be strict, is keeping the interest of all the students at heart, and has had to make some decisions they obviously do not agree with; including a basic — keeping their grades up to play athletics.

The quotes in the paper also seem to indicate that at least one of the parents is disengaged and unaware of what his child is actually required to do at school and did not bother to find out, but because of this parent’s apparent lack of parenting skills, is willing to vilify Mr. Sandoval in the paper. This may be the case, as the saying goes, that, “The apple does not fall far from the tree.”

I strongly believe that there are many more parents like myself that are very appreciative of what Mr. Sandoval, the rest of the administration, and the teachers, have done for the many hundreds, if not thousands, of students they have had at WLV Middle School over the years. The difficult and stressful situations they all face on a daily basis: dealing with many young minds that may or may not be eager for learning; dealing with the hormonal changes of a teenager; dealing with finances, reports, parking, the cafeteria, and myriad other issues that they all face these days, should have all parents thanking them daily for their dedication to all our children!

Is Mr. Sandoval perfect? No, none of us are and if he needs corrections, I am sure he will abide. Will a few always find fault with any situation and attempt to blame others for their own shortcomings? Yes, because that is the easy way out.

I encourage those parents, like me, who have seen success in their children because of Mr. Sandoval, to stand up and support our WLV Middle School Principal!   
Keith Tucker
Las Vegas