Squads show spirit at games

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By Don Pace

The North-South All Star Games brought players from all over the state to compete in girls and boys basketball on Friday and football on Saturday. Las Vegas Cheer squads from West Las Vegas and Robertson High Schools get a chance to hone their skills for the upcoming year as they root for the All-Stars.

Cardinal and Don cheerleaders switch sides at the half, the team that was cheering for the North team will then cheer for the South and vice versa.

This year, both teams have new cheerleading coaches as Krystal King leaves her post at West, returning to her alma mater at RHS. Candace Gonzales also comes home to head the squad she was a part of until 2006.

After leaving high school, the two women continued to be involved in the sport, teaching cheer, stunts and dance. Gonzales was a part of the Universal Cheerleading coaching staff, and King taught dance and cheer routines to children.

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