Spencer Theatre to bring magic to Vegas

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By Margaret McKinney
Highlands University

International Magicians of the Year-The Spencer’s Theatre is coming to the Meadow City with a show at 7 p.m. this Tuesday in Ilfeld Auditorium.

Kevin and Cindy Spencer have been called modern-day Houdinis who leave their audiences spellbound with their unique blend of high-tech spectacle, drama and danger.

“We call the show ‘Theatre of Illusion’ because it is a combination of our love for theatre and our passion for the art of magic,” Kevin Spencer said. “We believe that magic deserves the same respect as other art forms and, when presented in the right way, magic should move an audience intellectually and emotionally in the same way that good dance, music or theatre does.”

The Spencer’s Theatre of Illusion has won numerous awards, including being named International Magicians of the Year in 2009 by the International Magician’s Society.

They have also garnered six consecutive Performing Arts Entertainers of the Year awards.

The Dallas Morning News wrote: “Don’t look for the stereotypical top hats and black capes of old-time magicians. The Spencers are young, attractive and hip 21st century entertainers.”

General admission for the Spencer’s Theatre of Illusion show is $5. Children 10 and younger accompanied by a parent/guardian are $2. The show is free for Highlands University faculty, staff and students with valid ID.