Speaking of natural resources

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In reference to the Optic article on Feb. 15, “Drilling advocates take aim,” Rep. Donald Bratton, R-Hobbs, stated that revenues are available to communities across the state because not all of them were blessed with natural resources. He added that it’s troubling when there’s movement in some areas to stop drilling.

I reference to this paragraph, while San Miguel may not have gas or oil ( referred to as natural resources) San Miguel County has a severe shortage of the most important natural resource of all, that being water. So yes, Mr. Bratton, just as those communities are entitled to revenues because they are not blessed with natural resources , San Miguel also falls into that category — no water, a natural resource.

What good is all this oil and gas if there is no water or only poisoned water available for the people of San Miguel County? Then who benefits if Las Vegas becomes a ghost town due to lack of water or because of poisoned water?

The answer of course is the rich and those communities “that are not blessed with natural resources” of gas or oil (but probably have a lot of water, a natural resource they probably wouldn’t share with Las Vegas), and possibly those 30 representatives who signed and sent a letter to Gov. Susana Martinez.

The ghost town idea may be a little far fetched, or is it?

Betty Maestas
Las Vegas