Speaker series begins at West

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What does it mean to be a Don?

That is a question West Las Vegas Athletic Coordinator Richard Tripp wants the student-athletes at WLV to know and find out.

West Las Vegas Athletics has scheduled three nights this school year, in which student-athletes will participate in what is named, “West Las Vegas Student-Athlete Guest Speaker Night.” 

These events are mandatory for all student-athletes in the fall, winter and spring sports to attend. The purpose is to have current student-athletes listen and hopefully learn what former West Las Vegas student-athletes have to share, in the way of their educational and athletic experiences at WLV and how it helped them to become the people they are today.

The first of the three presentations will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, August 26 at Gillie Lopez Gym. Former WLV athletes who have accepted an invitation to speak include Gene Mathis, Dr. Michael Lopez, Ralph Arellanes, Cruz Flores and Jeanette Yara. Each speaker will speak for 15 minutes and will share their vision of what it means to be a Don as well as other encouraging words.

“I really feel this is important for our student-athletes, said Tripp. “We are really working hard on teaching and we want them (the student-athletes) to know their history of what this is all about. What it means to wear a Dons or Lady Dons uniform. We want them to understand about what a great fraternity they belong to at WLV. People sometimes chuckle but I am serious when I say I want to bridge the past with the present and lead us into the future.”

The second presentation will be given for student-athletes playing winter sports, in November and the final will be in March, for spring sports student-athletes.

“I truly believe in this program. Just like people who trace their roots or make a family tree, I believe it is important these young men and women know and understand about the great history of athletics as well understand they now carry the torch and are leading us to the next generation of Dons and Lady Dons,” added Tripp.

The presentations are open to the parents as well as the public.