Sorry Ulibarri’s column ended

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With dismay I read that Rock Ulibarri’s column of July 1 would be his last. His and Jesus Lopez’ columns on the history of our town and area have been truly outstanding.

I am almost a native New Mexican though I was absent for those turbulent ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. I spent them in other areas of equal turmoil, if sometimes for different reasons.

Messrs. Lopez and Ulibarri, along with Editha Bartley and Ruth Fort provide invaluable insight into ways and times of life that some of us never had and never will have the chance to experience firsthand — past and present.
Though raised by white Southern Baptists in almost-white Los Alamos (the new one) in the 1950s, I never knew there was such a thing as racism until my first visit to Mississippi in the summer of 1963. These so-called “Christians” — now my relatives by marriage — were adamant in their segregation beliefs. At 19 years old, I was appalled. Fortunately my new husband had wandered from his, not religious, but his cultural roots and shared my revulsion. That was about white vs. black.

Here we talk about white vs. brown, or vice versa. And the brown detested the black, the red, and the yellow — all in their time periods. But they happened, nevertheless.

It is good to see Ulibarri, particularly, confront some of those facts not generally covered in the white man’s history books, and I will miss him.

Thank you Rock, for your contribution to my enlightenment and best wishes for your future endeavors.

Alma Gregory