Snowstorm hits Las Vegas

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By David Giuliani

More than six inches of snow fell on Las Vegas Monday night, and fierce winds reduced visibility and caused drifting Tuesday.

Both local school districts closed for the day on Tuesday and are on two-hour delay today.

The County Commission held its regular meeting Tuesday afternoon, with Alta Vista Regional Hospital's administrator taking questions from the panel on why the hospital hasn't started negotiating with its union.

Around 7:30 a.m., the Plaza area was much quieter than usual. Only a few cars were passing through the area, most of which were pickup trucks. On Bridge Street, the businesses hadn't shoveled their sidewalks before 8 a.m. — with the exception of Hair Ink Tattoo, whose walks were salted.

Few pedestrians could be seen. But one regular was out and about as if nothing had changed — the tall, lanky gray-bearded man holding his ever-present cup of coffee.

Highlands University crews were busy clearing sidewalks. This is finals week at the college, and the school was on a one-hour delay. A few students braved the elements early in the morning; one female student emerged with just shorts and a T-shirt, but she only had a short walk to another building.

It's only the second week of December, and the school districts have already had two snow days so far. If there are more, that could mean an extension of the school year in May.

Both the city and county offices opened two hours late because of the snowstorm.