Simulated Progress

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As we enter the umpteenth month of having two-lane traffic on Grand Avenue, I am drawn back in history to the controversy over the improvements on Grand. One proposal was to convert Grand to two-lane traffic. Opponents claimed such a change would cause delays on Grand and result in greater traffic on New Mexico avenue. These arguments won the day. Now we have had months of two-lane traffic, caused not be the completed project, but by the construction of the project. I travel Grand at various times every day and haven't noticed much in the way of delay. I also haven't noticed any increase in traffic on New Mexico Ave. Maybe the next time we are considering a change, we should first put up traffic cones for six months to simulate the change. Then we could measure the effects of the proposed change and plan accordingly. We may have given up great improvements to Grand, such as wider sidewalks, planted medians, and such for no reason.
Maybe we could get Highlands to test their plan for one-way traffic on National before permanent implementation.