Seeking the truth

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It seems every letter to the editor written by someone opposed to fracking never cites the sources that support their position. The most recent by Diana Presser is just another example. Why is that?

As someone who has been active in water issues in San Miguel and Mora counties, I’m as concerned about protecting our limited water supply as anyone. I will gladly join the anti-fracking opposition if they will only share their unbiased sources of data.

Sorry, but self-serving films like “Gasland” are simply not objective, and therefore not credible to me. If you want a “balanced” perspective after viewing Gasland, you could also view “Truthland” at www.truthlandmoview.com. Information available from the “Ground Water Protection Council” at www.gwpc.org is also instructive.

Alison Ritter of the North Dakota Department of Commerce recently told me (I called her) that her state has approximately 4,300 fracked oil wells with no groundwater contamination as determined by the North Dakota Department of Health. Though some can and will maintain that government employees are abject liars, and thus this kind of information is obviously biased, I would argue just the opposite.  Alison also emphasized that eons ago North Dakota was once an inland lake (just like much of New Mexico) which makes her state much different geologically than states like Pennsylvania and New York. Thus their regulations for oil development are different, and all their data to date demonstrate they are working just as designed.  

No need to detail the economic oil boom in North Dakota, but suffice it to say that over the life of a typical oil well, the state will accrue $4.6 million in taxes.  Imagine how revenue like that could benefit roads, water infrastructure, rural health care, etc.  
There are many concerned people on the other side of this issue that I genuinely respect. But again, I simply ask them for their objective sources of information. I’m open to conversion with facts, not propaganda. I am seeking the truth as I trust we all are.

Frank Splendoria