Seeking a home, forgiveness

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I am a psychiatrist and a traditional Catholic priest. I am also manic depressive, bipolar Type I. I have been taking lithium carbonate for many years.  

I first worked at Las Vegas Medical Center in 1990 as a resident, most recently as a psychiatrist from May 2000 to May 2005.  I did not tell anyone of my diagnosis because of discrimination I have experienced in the past. Apparently my lithium stopped working during my most recent time at Las Vegas.  

After I left the hospital I became psychotic and broke some windows, for which I was arrested and sent to jail for about two months.

During this time my neighbors broke into my house and stole a number of things, including clothes, a bicycle and an oversized Yamaha guitar, which is now in a local pawn shop because there are no identifying marks to indicate it is mine.  

After my release I was put back on lithium and became psychotic again. Apparently a neighbor I visited felt threatened and made up a story about me threatening someone else with a gun, reported it to the police, and I was arrested and put in jail for about four months.  

During this time my neighbors broke into my house and stole almost everything from my chapel, including the tabernacle and chalice. When I was released I moved out of my house and put it up for sale and rent.  

In Albuquerque I was finally placed on the correct medicine and have been asymptomatic since. I feel Las Vegas to be a second home to me, and have decided to move back. If I have offended anyone, I ask forgiveness.

Christian Fitzpatrick
Las Vegas