Search warrants sealed

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Missing woman case active

By Martin Salazar

State police investigators working the case of a missing Las Vegas woman said Friday that they have spent countless hours on the matter, and they confirmed that they have executed search warrants.

“Interviews have been conducted and more interviews are pending,” the investigators said in an email sent through Lt. Robert McDonald, the statewide spokesman for state police.

“Area searches have been performed and search warrants have been executed. The search warrants have been sealed and specifics about the case are not being released to preserve the integrity of the investigation.”

Cindy Rivera, 19, disappeared in the early morning hours of June 30 from the Peggy Lane home where she had been staying with her mother. The garage door was found open, and Rivera’s 1-year-old son was left alone in the home with the mother’s home health care client. Rivera’s mother has said she found one of her daughter’s slippers in front of a neighbor’s house, and the second one on the side of the neighbor’s house, along with a lighter and signs that someone had been dragged.

Grisly rumors have been swirling about Rivera’s fate.

Investigators said in the email that they have kept a tight lid on the investigation because releasing details will compromise it.

“We do not wish to place people that we have interviewed into public light, and we also do not wish to taint the statements of people that will be interviewed by releasing details,” investigators said. “We are performing a thorough investigation with the goal of finding Cindy Rivera. All reports to our agency are investigated, even rumors.”

Some of Rivera’s family members told the Optic last week that they are frustrated that she hasn’t been found and that no charges have been filed in connection with her disappearance.

Investigators say they empathize with the family and have been doing their best to keep in touch with them. They said they have explained their procedures for the investigation to the family and asked them to understand that it will be lengthy and time-consuming.

“Details cannot be released to the family because of the likely harm to the investigation,” investigators said. “We do not wish to create damaging rumors by discussing specifics with anyone, including the family. “While we wish to work with the family, the main objective is to find Cindy Rivera and, if she is the victim of a criminal act, to provide her with justice.”

Investigators stressed that they need to be able to prove their criminal cases beyond a reasonable doubt.

“A case will not progress through the legal system based on rumor, conjecture or insufficient evidence,” the investigators said.

Anyone with information about Rivera’s disappearance is asked to call agent Mark Alsfeld at 425-6771.