Search of home ends with arrests

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2 accused of drug trafficking

By Martin Salazar

The drug raids that played out last week are just the latest in an ongoing effort by the Region IV Narcotics Task Force to crack down on drug traffickers throughout the area.


The week before officers arrested two individuals after executing a search warrant at their residence at 110 Baca Ave.

Carlos Brito, 32, and Lou Anna Lucero, 29, have been charged with trafficking heroin, a second-degree felony, conspiracy to traffic heroin, a third-degree felony, and possession of cocaine, a fourth-degree felony. They are also each facing a misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia  The two were booked into the San Miguel County Detention Center. Lucero remained in custody as of Wednesday, but Brito appears to have bonded out of jail.

The task force issued a statement late last week. In the statement, it said that it remains committed to disrupt and infiltrate drug trafficking organizations, and it asked anyone with information on drug activity occurring. The release encourages anyone with information on drug activity to contact the police department or Crime Stoppers at 425-7504 or 425-8884.

A search warrant affidavit filed in state District Court in Las Vegas reveals that authorities suspected Brito and Lucero of dealing drugs.

Officers set up two controlled drug buys, and in both instances, a confidential source was able to buy heroin from them. Both times, Brito and Leyba showed up at the site of the drug buy  in a black Mitsubishi, the affidavit states.

The narcotics task force used that search warrant to obtain a search warrant for their home. Authorities executed that document on Sept. 13.

One officer first made contact with Lucero, who was in the rear bedroom and appeared to be hiding something in the closet, according to the probable cause statement filed in San Miguel County Magistrate Court. Police say she later admitted that she was hiding a digital scale.

Another officer made contact with Brito.

“Upon detaining C. Brito he dropped a baggy that contained a large amount of suspected heroin,” according to the probable cause statement.

More heroin was found inside the home, along with the digital scale and a wallet containing large amounts of cash.

Authorities say the wallet belonged to Brito and contained $1,432.

Police say the substance found was tested, and the result was positive for heroin. The black Mitsubishi was also searched, and inside the glove box police found a substance believed to be cocaine. A field test confirmed it, court documents state.

Police say that Brito and Lucero  were interviewed, and they admitted to selling heroin.

“Both subjects stated that they always sell the heroin together and never make sales alone,” according to the probable cause statement. “Both subjects stated the money located inside of the wallet was from heroin sales.

Last week, the task force conducted two raids and arrested three individuals on trafficking charges and a fourth was arrested for obstructing an officer.