Schools should prioritize academics

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This open letter to Felix Alderete, Member Las Vegas City Schools Board of Education, raises the question for more efficient administration of available funding.

As a citizen of Las Vegas, New Mexico, I am proud of the accomplishments on the athletic fields of our city schools, BUT on any given day, a drive past the athletic fields of said school makes one wonder when there is any time left for education, besides that of character building on the athletic fields.

Taxes on our domiciles double often, and we have a board member write a three column article about the need to fund schools adequately. Well, I for one see a lot of educational money supporting these athletic fields and the endless activity there, but I don’t hear much about scholastic accomplishment. This is a real dumbing--down of America, and we cannot expect too many of our athletes making a living out of the athletic prowess honed on our city schools athletic fields.

Now, I partially paid for my own education of higher learning through athletic benefits, but the aches and pains are not commensurate with a career goal. Those had to come through education.

Maybe Mr. Alderete should emphasize the proper administration of the hard- earned taxes our little community provides him and his colleagues to, in turn, provide the proper education those hard-earned taxes bring to his fiduciary manipulation and management. It is worth a good old college try —I for one demand a better effort.

J. Emilio Aragon
Las Vegas