School principal not being fair

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I am Connor Mamaux-Partridge, a 12-year-old boy who goes to Memorial Middle School. I am very frustrated at my school.

My father was recently diagnosed with leukemia, and when I asked my principal if I could collect cans and make two trash cans around campus — aluminum cans only, she was fine with it. However, I completed a donation box and showed it to my principal, and she told me she hoped I wasn’t accepting donations because it “wasn’t part of our deal.”

I am frustrated because earlier in the year, a girl’s house burned down, and she was allowed to collect donations. Another girl’s father died of cancer, and she collected donations, and the counselors delivered the money to her house during school hours.

So, I don’t understand why I can’t collect donations for my father who has cancer. Again, I wish that this would change, and I thought that the public should be aware of this situation.

Connor Mamaux-Partridge
Las Vegas