Residents want improvements to San Pedro Drive

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By David Giuliani

Jacobo Rael wants what most Las Vegas residents have — a paved street. He and his neighbors hope to make that a reality.

He told the City Council last week that his street — San Pedro Drive — was paved a long time ago but that it has since entirely crumbled, making it extra bumpy.

He said the street has been graded twice in the last decade. The last time was the day of last week’s council meeting, which was after he told city staff that he would bring the matter to the council.

Rael presented a petition with signatures of residents in the area. His street is just north of Valencia Street, about a block west of the Plaza Hotel.

He said the Postal Service refers to San Pedro Drive as Valencia Street — an unusual decision, given that San Pedro comes off of Valencia.

Rael said the Postal Service considers his street an alley, so it doesn’t recognize the name San Pedro.

He said the sidewalk on the street also needs repairs. And he noted that one resident doesn’t have either sewer or water service.

City Council members noted that Valencia Street was listed among the city’s capital improvement projects, but it wasn’t clear whether that included San Pedro because of the confusion over the names.