Reproductive rights an economic issue

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Glaringly absent from Frank Splendoria’s Sept. 7 letter was any mention of poverty and social justice. Very strange, considering these issues are directly relevant to “the principle[s] of the profound, inherent, and equal dignity of every member of the human family.”

We desperately need to discuss reproductive issues in no uncertain terms of what the GOP war on women is really about: the truth is that reproductive issues are really economic issues. It’s about keeping women from participating in the workforce. It’s about reducing their family incomes through multiple, consecutive pregnancies because eventually day-care costs will exceed any benefit from any job they have. It’s about added medical expenses associated with pregnancy and child birth, and a simultaneous lack of health care and insurance to deal with those added expenses.

We know that the first steps in bringing women in third-world countries out of poverty is to provide them the means for (1) family planning and (2) the education of girls and young women, so it appears we are clearly under threat of being taken to the level of a third-world country!
So much of this ties together; diminishing health care access, the defunding and the anti-democratization of U.S. education, economic disparity, voter suppression of certain demographics, etc. Voters must understand that we are experiencing a much more comprehensive and insidious attack on women and ultimately on class than many might think.

Everyone has the capacity to look around our world and decide for themselves what social issues are “intrinsically evil.” Most of us are the ones directly experiencing the results of social injustice. We don’t need any kind of “declaration” to tell us what’s wrong and who’s doing it, and we certainly don’t need Frank Splendoria to do so. Just look around you and decide for yourself.

Kim Reed-Deemer
Las Vegas