Rep. Vigil arrested on bench warrant

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By Martin Salazar

State Rep. Richard Vigil was arrested Tuesday on a bench warrant out of Raton Magistrate court for allegedly failing to take care of a speeding ticket he got in Colfax County on July 4.

He owed $176.

Vigil told the Optic during a brief telephone interview that he is looking into the matter.

"I'm almost sure we had sent a money order," he said.

Las Vegas police discovered the active bench warrant Tuesday when they conducted a traffic stop on him. Vigil was arrested and transported to the San Miguel County Detention Center where he was processed.

Vigil wasn't incarcerated.

"He was able to make bond immediately, and all standard protocols were adhered to," Warden Patrick Snedeker said.

The bench warrant was issued Sept 7 by Magistrate Warren G. Walton, according to the online state courts website. The original citation was for driving 1 to 10 miles over the speed limit.

Las Vegas Police Chief Christian Montaño said Vigil cooperated fully when he was pulled over and when he was taken into custody.

"They did their job," Vigil said, referring to the arrest. "I'm very proud of them. They're just following the law."