Regent in charge of academic panel

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By Don Pace

Nancy Long has replaced Rosanna Vazquez as New Mexico Highlands University regent. The Santa Fe attorney said her law firm, Long, Pound & Komer, of which she is president, represented the university of many years.

“I really grew to enjoy the people here and got to know a lot about Highlands, so I’m really happy to return as a regent,” Long said.

Long took the chairmanship of the Academic Affairs Committee Monday and said she’s taking the post with an open mind and a desire to take a fresh look at things

“I haven’t been here or represented the university under the leadership of President Jim Fries, so I’m getting back up to speed. I don’t have an agenda, and I’m only here to do the best that I can for Highlands,” Long said.

Long is a native New Mexican who grew up in Santa Fe and said she enjoys being around the educational atmosphere.

“I represented Highlands, and I represent another college in the state, so I hope I can bring a lot of that experience and knowledge to be of benefit to Highlands. I’m looking forward to being on this side of it. I know this is a tougher end when you’re actually on the governing board, but I’m looking forward to it,” Long said.