Regensbergs deserve support

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By Rosalie Regensberg

This election year, two men from the Regensberg family are running for office. Benjie Regensberg is a candidate for the state house of representatives. On Jan. 15, 2001, Benjie was sworn in as a member of the legislature.

While in office, Benjie was a good advocate for the counties he represented. He was successful in the passage of many bills, and funding in the amount of $11.5 million for the districts he represented. Benjie has always cared about the education of our children, and most of the money allocated went to the different schools. He also got money for the much needed water systems in different counties. His involvement in the community included donating $1,000 to the VFW, and because of his efforts, Mora county now has a building to be proud of to be used as a community center.

He also helped out law enforcement, senior citizens and everything that reflects community pride, and helps to boost the rural economy. He is also a rancher. His maternal grandfather was the late Levi Alcon Sr. a lifelong politician. His paternal grandmother was a school teacher.

My son Randall J. Regensberg Sr. is running for county commissioner in District 2. He is no stranger to politics. He was my campaign manager through two elections. He is a very responsible, caring individual.

I’ve told him he is going against tough competition, but he, himself reminded me of Eleanor Roosevelt and how she took a risk and was able to accomplish the passing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which has been published in the native language of all countries. All people on the planet are entitled to free speech, a fair trial, and the right to a good education and a decent standard of living. All because she took a risk.

Robyn Allen once said, “Many of us are afraid to follow our passions, to pursue what we want most, because it means taking risks, working against the odds, and facing the unexpected, but to take a chance and pursue your dreams and passions with all your heart and soul is success itself.” I add: “There are never any losers; the only people that fail are the ones that fail to take risks and get involved.”

I predict land and water will be the only issues talked about this election. I write stories about how we worked the land, valued our water and lived off of both. It’s nothing new, we grew up on these issue and we’ll all die on the land we planted and worked.

Rosalie Regensberg