Regensberg a good advocate

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Election day will soon be upon us and I feel that the office of State Representative in District 40 is very important. One of the candidates is Regensberg. The fact that I have the same last name has nothing to do with it. I have always been a professional.

Benjie Regensberg has served as our state representative once before, and because the good that someone does while in office is quickly forgotten and replaced with negative scandals, I would like to retell the story of a king who had a beautiful queen. He loved her so much that he would grant her every request. One hot July day, she asked the king to make it snow. Of course the king could not comply so the queen got very upset and threatened to leave him. The king replied, “You ungrateful queen, I’ve always done my best to comply with your wishes, but just because I cannot grant you this request, you threaten to leave me.”

Sometimes people need to be reminded of what the good people running for office have done to help in the past. Take for example when the Mora chapter of the VFW was trying to get on its feet and get a building. Benjie Regensberg, himself, donated $1,000, along with several other community members. Joe Gandert provided the land, and Commander Eugene Pacheco, and myself, as county commissioner, submitted a proposal to the legislators to get funding. Since the VFW is a nonprofit organization, we had to get creative to think up a plan. Mora does not have a community center, so we promised that the VFW building would be used as a community center, along with serving the needs of the veterans. Regensberg was one of the legislators that helped us. He also pulled for education, and for the senior citizens. His grandfather, Levi Alcon Sr., was very active in the Democratic Party, and was the pillar of Mora County for many years. He is still very supportive.

Benjie was a good advocate for all the counties that he served and will continue to be the voice of the people if elected. Speaking as a prior elected official and a prior educator, I am certain that if the people elect Regensberg for their state representative, they will never regret it.

Like the elders have always said, “Today is the day to make wise decisions,” and, “Clear, cold water runs down the river very fast. We need to learn to appreciate it today, tomorrow may be too late for regrets.”

Rosalie Regensberg