Recall organizer responds

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My hope was to refrain from having to comment publicly on the ongoing personal attacks by Mayor Ortiz “y su dinero hablando” — Tim Dodge; but after asinine comments being made and letters of the same taste being written, I felt compelled to respond.

The Center for Peace and Justice finally showed their colors. People like this make us neglect the right to defend ourselves in our own community. They believe money and exploitation are the norm in dealing with local native Las Vegans. “El Dinero no bora el pasado. Ni limpia Las Yerbas del camino.”

Their ad opposing the recall is based on thinking we need to be led around by the hand like a bunch of ‘hitos. They have no concept of “hambres, frios, injustisias, penas y carsales.” As for Dodge, how can you argue with that? Pobrecito.... no es de nosotros. Dodge has family that work at 1st Community Bank who has ties with Danelle Smith. It not only looks bad, it smells bad. Conflict of interest?

The recall will cost money but I would rather pay for a recall election than take trips to Boston on Taxpayers money, or giving $15,000 raises to the City Manager, another few thousand to Danelle Smith, plus paying high-priced attorneys to stiff the acequia issue and by the way, can anybody explain how we as a community have outstanding loans up to 2034.

Talk about wasting taxpayers money. Wake up, people.

Dodge talks about the “minority” who are lying to the community and presumes he can dictate through the Optic an agenda to influence the protection of his job. Others supported the mayor because of city contracts by publicly endorsing him. We are not envidiosos, we just keep an eye out for those “que como con las dos manos.” Hmm... I wonder who will get the contract to work on the streets on the west side....hmm... I bet it will be someone who owns a paving company that does street construction... He might even live on the west side.... by the “Tanke”..... whoopie!! Anyone “que tenga sangre de Las Vegas” knows that this is our opportunity to rid ourselves of that outdated patron system from whence comes the mayor.

We have been redlined by banks, investors and our own political leadership, “los estrajeros y los vagamundos.” The gridlock that Dodge talks about is already in place. It’s been going on for generations. If you’re not local you can’t understand this concept. We need to get the monkey off our back. Then maybe we can work together for school board consolidation, community centers, food banks, yearlong youth employment, community recreation programs, cultural youth projects, environmental justice, drug prevention, etc.... “Andale” let’s stop depending “en La politica”.....Let’s take back our city.

Lorenzo Flores
Recall Committee