Rec center addresses suggestions

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By David Giuliani

The city’s recreation center is making progress in addressing recommendations made by a citizens advisory panel last year.

The center’s director, Loretta Abreu Martin, who has been on the job for only a few weeks, gave the City Council an update on how the center is responding to the panel’s suggestions.

“We have addressed every item,” she said. “I met with the task force, and they were pleased.”

One of the concerns was that the center’s patrons couldn’t clearly identify the center’s employees. As such, the center will be requiring employees to wear badges with their names and photos, which is part of an effort for all city departments. Center employees will also be mandated to wear T-shirts or polo shirts indicating that they are center employees, she said.

Another issue is the main sign outside the center, which is set back some distance from Grand Avenue, making it difficult for visitors to Las Vegas to find the center.

A windstorm recently knocked down the old sign, Martin said, giving the city an opportunity to move it closer to Grand.

Mayor Tony Marquez said the center was doing a good job.