Reader reflects on ‘tragic comedy’

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Let’s see if I’ve got this straight:

1. Progressives in Congress and the White House passed a 2,400-page healthcare law that they didn’t read.
2. Not knowing its contents, they couldn’t comprehend its implementation.
3. They delayed development of the law’s regulations so their negative impacts wouldn’t surface before the presidential election.
4. Though major system problems were known last spring, the administration still announced everything was on schedule for Oct. 1, 2013. Instead, Healthcare.gov bombs.
5. Initially, the president provides waivers to his political cronies, and then later gives businesses a one-year delay. All feared the consequences to business and the economy.
6. But that wasn’t enough. Businesses, including healthcare providers, then began to lay off employees and converting them from full-time to part-time, all to escape or lessen the negative impacts of Obamacare.
7. Because of self-imposed time delays like #3 above, the administration made a political decision to use the quicker yet costlier “sole-source” contracting process to hire an inexperienced foreign company to develop a monstrous, multi-agency, federal-state, computer system.
8. Unbelievably, it was determined they didn’t need a project manager for one of the largest computer systems ever to be developed! Priceless!
9. More and more doctors, seeing the coming surge in workload with even less compensation, retire, or opt out of the system entirely.
10. Assurances are made that the website will finally work by Nov. 30, but instead it crashes the next day, live on CNN-TV.
11. The computer system is still not fully designed, built, and tested, e.g. the “income verification” and “payment” modules have yet to be developed.
12. They’re attempting to develop a huge integrated computer system “on the fly.” There are already tens of thousands of pages of regulations and more coming. If you don’t know all the system requirements, you cannot determine how all the parts need to fit together. Hello!
13. Then there’s protection of our personal information. The website acts just like a trapdoor for identity thieves, as it says to us: “You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system.” Thanks, very comforting.
14. “But perhaps most important, it remains unclear whether the enrollment data being transmitted to insurers is completely accurate. In a worst-case scenario, insurance executives fear that some people may not actually get enrolled in the plans they think they have chosen, or that some people may receive wrong information about the subsidies for which they are eligible.” New York Times 11/30/13
15. Contrary to the Administration sales job, many in the Middle Class found out that their premiums and deductibles will increase, not decrease.
16. Young people also discovered they were sold snake oil.
17. Then we learn contrary to the president’s recurring statements, that Obamacare insurance requirements included things we don’t want or need, but must pay for regardless. Insurance companies consequently cancelled millions of policies leaving millions with potentially no insurance after Jan. 1.
18. Millions of tax dollars are being spent on a public relations campaign to persuade, interest and cajole the populace to sign up for Obamacare. They fear we might be dissuaded by their blatant incompetence and lies. Huh, fancy that.
19. Also, unlike what the President promised, many people will lose access to their former doctors and medical facilities because they will not be included in new provider networks.
20. Millions of Americans with no current health insurance will at some point be insured but access to care is another story. The newly insured, like the rest of us, will have poorer quality care because there will be fewer available doctors and facilities for the larger patient population. Dude!
21. The kind of care we do eventually receive will be dictated by national statistical standards, not the specific care we get today as individually unique patients.

Too bad they just didn’t stick with insuring the uninsured. A sin tax on booze, gambling, cigarettes etc. could have been all that was necessary.

On second thought, I may be wrong about no one being in charge of Obamacare. It looks like Inspector Clouseau has been, and still is in charge. It’s almost comical given the administration’s rumbling, bumbling, fumbling, and stumbling. But for those who lose a great insurance policy, their doctor, and their hospital, it may well turn out to be a tragic comedy.

Frank Splendoria