Questions about legal system

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A recent Optic article has left me with questions. It concerns a local mother and her 2-year-old and 8-month-old children who were separated from her while traveling from Portugal. She has been detained in Tennessee and her children were taken from the safety of their mother in what appears a very unprofessional and scary manner.

Through a New Mexico court order, these children were given custody to her ex-boyfriend, whom she fears, to bring home with him. Was she in agreement? How well do these children know this state police officer, called their father and who was (allegedly) involved in the injuries their mother sustained during a time when she was nine months pregnant with her second child and holding her older child in her arms? How safe are the children in his care? Who is the legal system protecting here? What crime has the mother committed?

Her children love, miss, need, and have formed a bond with her.

These feelings are mutual. What kind of legal system sends children with a father whom the mother fears, without doing an investigation as to why?

Why are these children not with the maternal grandparents? They have been the support system of the mother and children through all of this.

This is a local mother with excellent maternal skills. She goes back many familiar generations in New Mexico and believes in protecting her family. why is she being treated like a criminal instead of protected? Does the legal system not protect women and children in the U.S.A anymore?

Juanita Lucero
Las Vegas