Proud backer of Martinez

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I would like to respond to all the negative ads of Susana Martinez.
First, they said she was going to move the medical center to Las Cruces. It was a lie. Then, they said she didn’t like Hispanic people; that also was a lie. Now, they said that she is not from New Mexico and that she is from Texas. Strange Gov. Bill Richardson is from California.

The Democrats didn’t say anything when he was running for governor.

If Diane Denish is fighting for the people, how come she didn’t do anything for eight years while the state was going broke? Look at the state employees now having to take a furlough days without pay and all of a sudden we have all kinds of budget cuts, especially in the Education Department.

I hope the people can see the lies, and I’m proud to say that I and my family are strong supporters of Susana Martinez and John Sanchez.
Freddie Carrillo
Mora County Republican Party