Protect our beauty for the future

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I read the letter to the editor written by Marino Rivera in the Sept. 2-4 edition of the Optic regarding oil drilling in Mora County.

I agree 100 percent with what is written. I’m glad several citizens have joined together to do something about it.

I honestly love each and every citizen in Mora County, but they need to wake up! We have a hidden paradise. Our valley is one of the more beautiful sites on the face of the earth.

I for one like to get up in the morning, sit out on the deck and, while I drink my coffee, enjoy the sight of all the beautiful mountains that surround me. There are all those beautiful trees just standing there, giving glory to God. Do we want all this beauty destroyed in exchange for a few dollars?

I’m wondering where the concerned citizens that claimed to be experts on health and water safety are now. They have been very quiet since I left office. I know I always do my research before I speak on any given issue, and I always did research whenever I acted as an elected official. This oil drilling business certainly needs good research. I hope all the citizens join together and protest.

Their actions today will affect generations to come.

Rosalie Regensberg