Promotion offers chance to win $1,000

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Cash prizes aimed at promoting local shopping

Once again, Las Vegas First Independent Business Alliance is sponsoring the Cross the Bridge shopping promotion beginning Nov. 1 and running through Dec. 24. Everyone is invited to join in the effort to promote local shopping and to encourage a shift in shopping habits toward locally owned businesses.

Customers have the chance to win up to $1,000 in Independent Business Bucks in a drawing to be held on Jan. 2 just for shopping locally at many participating businesses. Second and third prizes of $500 and $250, respectively, will also be given away during the Over the Back Fence program on KFUN/KLVF radio stations on Jan. 2.  Business Bucks can be spent in any of the participating merchants during 2013.

The motto for the 2012 Cross the Bridge campaign is “Shift Your Shopping.” Research has shown that even a small shift in customer spending habits toward local businesses can increase the amount of money going into city and county coffers. An increase in the number of dollars spent locally multiplies as it circulates in the community because locally owned businesses spend a large percentage of their profits right here in San Miguel County.

This means more money for creating jobs in the private and public sectors and for improving infrastructure throughout the County.

Consumers are encouraged to “Shift Your Shopping” by making a larger percentage of purchases locally.

The rules are simple: Each time a customer spends $50 in a participating business, they are given one entry form to complete.

Receipts for less than $50 can be added up and turned in when they total $50 or more.  There is no limit on entry forms.  All entry forms will be turned in to Tito’s Gallery and put into the bin at KFUN for the drawing.

The message is also simple. According to Tito Chavez, president of the LVFIBA: “Shopping locally at independently owned businesses for unique gifts, and personal services with friendly, knowledgeable staff benefits all of us. We encourage everyone to ‘Put your money where your house is!’”

A list of participating businesses will be printed in the Optic’s Tradiciones supplement later this month. The list is also available at many participating businesses and online at lvfiba.org.