Possessing good mayoral qualities

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Successful democratic governments need people of good character, intelligence and positive energy.

Alfonso E. Ortiz Jr. possesses these qualities and more.

The city of Las Vegas has benefited from his no-nonsense approach to city issues on numerous occasions. His recent executive order regarding the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce was the correct response to touchy issue that needed action.

The extremely important water issue has been at the forefront during his tenure. I believe it will continue to be high on his to-do list if re-elected.

He brings a refreshing openness to issues. We especially appreciate the regular accounting of the mayor’s fund in the Optic. No question there where the money is spent.

Mr. Ortiz has supported the beautification of Las Vegas by pushing for the removal of unsightly refuse that was accumulating on private property.

He is well respected outside the city, as evident by his membership on the New Mexico Municipal League Board of Directors. I’m certainly pleased that he decided to run for another term to continue the progress that has been taking place.

I know the work of governing has not been done by himself alone. It takes a team and teamwork from the city manager right through the other city employees.

His love of community is evident by the time he gives to the job of mayor. He doesn’t really need a second job but does it because he cares about Las Vegas.

We encourage all voting residents of Las Vegas to vote for Mr. Ortiz on March 6 to continue the great strides the city has made in recent years.

Duane and Nancy Freeman