Politics clouding East’s decisions

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When are the good citizens of this great city going to say enough is enough, and take a stand against politics as usual?

The East Las Vegas School Board just gave us another prime example at its school board meeting.

The rumor-mill had this decision made three weeks ago, and damn if it wasn’t right. Makes you wonder how often school board members are meeting and discussing these issues outside regular board meetings.

This has been going on for decades at this school district. The school board seems to always want to put a “committee” together to help with the hiring of superintendents, associate superintendents and principals. Yet, they never take the recommendations of these committees. If their pick doesn’t make the cut, they reject the top three committee picks, and put their own through. Or like at the meeting, they start the whole process over, hoping their pick gets in.

They are wasting a lot of good people’s time and money (committee members and applicants) with their façades. If this is going to continue, then they should have the guts to tell us, “This is who or what we want and it doesn’t matter what is right for your children or the district.”

I wonder if the four finalists have a legal leg to stand on. Another lawsuit against the district just might open their eyes. Now because of this move our children may suffer the consequences. Teachers from Paul D. Henry [may] be uprooted and moved to other schools.

It seems the simpler solution would be to get together over the summer and find out if anything needs to be changed or added at the other schools. Then during the school year teachers can get together on the elementary collaboration days and discuss what is working, and get suggestions and recommendations for further success. Los Niños may now be stuck with their interim principal who [may not be] fluent in Spanish. I feel that a principal at a Dual Language Program, should be fluent in both languages. We were also the only elementary school that did not allow parents to request their child’s teachers for next year.

As a parent of a child in this district, I will continue to stand up for what is right for the education of our children. It’s no wonder enrollment numbers decline when important decisions are not made.

Please, start taking the time to listen and implement the needs of our children, parents and citizens of this district, and not your own agendas. By the way, those of you applying for the transportation position that will be open due to a retirement, don’t bother, rumor-mill says it’s a done deal.

Dennis E. Romero
Las Vegas