Please don’t use treated wastewater

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As I read the story in the Optic dated Sept. 27-28, “Expert: Add effluent to water,” I was disappointed to read that our city seems to have no appropriate solution to our water problems. I feel that the suggestion made by City Councilman Andrew Feldman, who focuses on water issues; Ron Mosher, a consultant from Albuquerque; and Glenn Yocum, a member of the city’s utilities committee that the city of Las Vegas, look at sending the wastewater to the water plant to be used from drinking is a big mistake.

My daughter was exposed to e-coli bacteria which is a contaminant found in drinking water, which was improperly treated. At the age of 18 months, she was hospitalized for several months. When she left the hospital, her vision was affected. As a result, she is legally blind. Her central nervous system was damaged. Her blood was clotting, and she suffered a stroke, causing her to be physically impaired on the left side of her body. She has suffered from that exposure for many years. Currently, she is confined to a wheelchair and unable to walk. Her kidneys were damaged, and she has to go to dialysis three times a week. Today, at the young age of 30, she is on the transplant list praying for a kidney.

Mr. Alfonso Ortiz, Mr. Feldman, Mr. Mosher and Mr. Yocum, please do not allow any other person to suffer their entire lifetime because of a bad decision. Please consider other alternatives and solutions to our water problems: Effluent water is not the answer!
George Alderete
Las Vegas