Parks’ trees unsafe, unsightly

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I was very disheartened to read about the efforts of well-meaning people and our mayor to clean up the terrible looking and dangerous trees in our parks.

Worse yet, threatening to be sued. I’d advise that person now that that will gain nothing. The town is doing its rightful duty to eliminate a public nuisance.  

I have been in two of the parks on various outings and have noticed what bad shape some of the trees are in. It is scary to stand beneath ones that have broken limbs, bark peeling and limbs with no leaves in growth season. 

We can plant new trees and should.  With the parks all being watered with effluent all summer, they will grow well.

I lived in Longmont, Colo. in the early ‘90s when a group of small children was having an outing in a city park. It was a sunny, warm day and no wind or storms near.  Suddenly a huge limb came crashing down and killed a little boy outright. This would be a wonderful thing to have happen here, now wouldn’t it?

I have also seen that a new construction across Collins street from Vida Encantada has cut four trees of a nice size off at about four feet. These were healthy trees and could have been moved into one of our parks. Someone missed the opportunity there. Also a young couple had a huge part of a tree break and crash into their home last week with the high winds.  

I commend Mayor Alfonso Ortiz and the Tree Board for their efforts to make this town look better and be safer.

A lot of unsafe and unsightly areas have been cleaned up by the outgoing city officials. I say we should all thank them and stand behind them. Not whine because they didn’t ask us first.

Just my humble opinion.

Charles Burgess  
Las Vegas