Palabras Pintorescas - Magnetic fields affecting weather patterns

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By Editha Bartley

My 1910 Webster’s Dictionary defines weather as “a state of the atmosphere.” I’d have to say that at the moment, we are in  a heck of a state in this present atmosphere. We have experienced two of the driest months on record here at the Gascon reporting weather station, with no relief in sight.

My readers continue to send me newsworthy items and ideas on many different subjects, and I thank them for that. My newest bit of weather related information puts an interesting twist and turn into why we have this long suffering drought. The very old dictionary defines drought as “dryness.”     

One word says it all! Apparently new research has discovered a very close relationship between our magnetic poles and our vastly changing weather patterns. At the moment magnetic north and true north are vary by at least 12 degrees.

This shift influences the strength of the magnetic field which, in turn influenced the wßorld wide weather patterns.

This new report sent to me indicates that the world has now experienced yet another magnetic disturbance, with the start up of a Tesla Institute in Brazil. A huge Tesla coil transmits electrical pulses witch can cause the jet stream over the U.S. to change. That translates here in the west. China also has a powerful antenna research field up and running. True north was used by airplanes in long range aerial navigation for years, but now has been replaced by more accurate satellite locations.

I suffered (to put it mildly) through a class in Electricity and Magnetism at Highlands University so long ago. My ever so patient instructor, J.T. Mitchell would love to tackle this weather changing research were he here. And I am not going to take sides in any way on whether the changing magnetic field causes such big weather changes globally.

And speaking of magnets, I’ll bet most of my readers don’t know that until recently almost all cows producing milk in dairies had a strong magnet put into their first stomach. Seems as how, in the days of yesteryear, all hay was baled with wire (now it is with twine.) All sorts of metal objects, from nails to bailing wire were accidentally mixed into the cows feed, and of course they swallowed these foreign objects. We always put magnets into our Valmora dairy cows stomachs and that prevented the dreaded hardware disease that would kill a cow. I have seen magnets covered with metal “junk” taken out of the rumen at autopsy. Poking a steel magnet down a cow’s throat was yet another experience I helped with a few times long ago.

And as I write this my helicopter flying granddaughter is flying a research helicopter very near the north pole in Alaska.

It was 37 degrees below zero at their camp yesterday. I suspect magnetic north never comes to mind as she watches out for polar bears and unstable ice nearby. I’ll take my warmish and windy mountains any day, compared to her newest surroundings!

Editha Bartley lives in Gascon in Mora County. She may be reached at 454-0563.