Palabras Pintorescas - The dieting regimen back at the ranch

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By Editha Bartley

Yes, winter has arrived in our mountains. The days are short, The temperature rarely gets to 40 degrees in the warmest part of the day, and it is cold to colder at night, often below zero. The folks who predicted a warm winter missed their mark I’d say. Global warming hasn’t hit here yet.

I gave up on making New Year resolutions a long time ago.

One resolution I wish I’d kept up with, written down years ago was to write down what I considered good and bad at the start of the new year. This was my father’s idea, and every January he would remind us of things we were worrying about just a year ago and ask us to list them and their importance in our lives.

None of us ever remembered what they were. No, I have no idea what I was concerned with a year ago, other than probably world peace and the apparently impending drought. So much for that idea.

This was my year to shed a few pounds, however. Sometime in April I decided to put my father’s successful diet into play. It was so simple. Yes he always said just two words: “Eat Less.” That is not easy when one loves to cook, collects cookbooks, and of course must sample everything one cooks.  I don’t just jump in with both  feet on a project. And this project was no different. I cut back on portion size, and then read somewhere along this endeavor line that it helps to use a smaller plate. I still eat all of the fun foods I like, and I agree with the scientists that say milk, eggs and meat and so much more are all healthy foods, if eaten in moderation.

Our good restaurants are not stingy when it comes to portion control, so I almost always bring half of my meal home. I save it for the next day, because I eat very little after five o’clock in the afternoon. And if I get a real hunger pain I can easily curb the craving with a handful of grapes or a few pickle slices.

Fortunately, I don’t crave sweets. The bottom line is that I have painlessly lost 25 pounds. My wardrobe has changed. I can wear a whole bunch of things I had almost forgotten I had, back in the depths of the closet.

Another plus is that my bum knee doesn’t hurt much any more. My exercise routine is very different. Ranch work keeps me on my feet constantly, it seems, so I have never had any kind of exercise to follow.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, I need to make sure our water tanks are running in our corrals. The constant cold has created thick ice everywhere. I discovered just this week that my lone goldfish in our largest tank is still swimming around under all that ice.

He is one tough fish. And thanks, Judy, for prompting me to share my weight loss plan with my readers. It doesn’t cost anything and pays off in the long run. I’d say in this instance less is more, and that is a good thing.

Editha Bartley lives in Gascon in Mora County. She may be reached at 454-0563.